Poetry: Kingfisher

“My observations from a bridge overlooking the river Derwent on 18th February 2019.”

by Jo Kirk


I am summer sky

in a ripple of water

a fish, quick and shining

a streak

a deep hue

of blue

I am the glow of sky

at sunset

a chink of warm light

through trees

a sliver of colour

over the river.



Hue: from Old English hiw beauty

One thought on “Poetry: Kingfisher

  • 1st March 2019 at 12:51 pm

    28 February 2019 (about 5pm)

    What dolt
    made the wood smoke
    that drifts
    down the river
    which most
    think is mist
    past where the
    heron fishes
    black-legged, delicate?
    What fool
    would make a shroud
    for the cloud grey heron
    who stands like a whisper
    by the river?
    The young bird’s fish beak speaks
    geolu, yellow
    this way and that
    and rising on wide wings,

    Jo Kirk

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