Sunday, September 24, 2023

If We Only Had a Heart: Petitions and Protest Column

This is the occasional column for community action.

Cause: Stop the Closure of Babington Hospital
Form: Celebration Protest
Date: Friday 21st December
Time: 5pm onwards


Is this the beginning of the end or vision of the future?

What do we want from our community hospital?

Nursed beds for rehab, respite, palliative care, Blood tests. Podiatry, Mother and baby Clinic, Minor injuries unit, Mental Health Care, Day care and physio, Sight and hearing support, Ambulatory day care, Bereavement counselling, Preventative care, Hub for voluntary services, Hub for community transport, Adequate access and parking. And any other ideas?

One argument for closure is that it is under used. BUT the hospital has been deliberately underfunded and underused for the past few years.

Now, with patient care already being cut and skilled teams in Babington Hospital under threat, the promised re-build in Derwent Street still does not have full planning permission.

Meanwhile, the proposed sale of Babington Hospital will not put one penny into patient care.

Please come to demonstrate outside Babington Hospital, Belper, on the A6 at 4.00pm on Friday 21st Dec.

then in Belper Strutts from 5.00pm for words music and a celebration of what our community hospitals mean to us.

Campaigns are being won across the country. We can win this. Belper Save Our NHS.

Cause: Stop Brexit
Form: Online Petition
Date: Today

Link: Revoke Article 50 on 38 Degrees

Cause: Climate Change
Form: Online Petition
Date: Today

Link: Declare a Climate Emergency on Parliament Petitions


To lodge a petition with Derbyshire County Council, please create one HERE

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