Friday, December 8, 2023

Warning Issued About Dodgy Mattress Sales

Today an alert was issued through Derbyshire Alert on advice from Derbyshire Trading Standards Service and Citizens Advice Consumer Services, who have received complaints from members of the public about mattresses being sold from the back of a van.

The complaints and reports describe the driver as saying that the mattress is from a failed delivery and he has to sell it at a “knock down” price before returning to his depot.

Coplaints allege that the invoice provided for the sale of the mattress bears the name of a company which no longer exists. Complaints also assert that he is inflating the price of the mattress, to make it seem like a better deal.

 Derbyshire people are reminded that, “Mattresses sold in the UK must comply with safety regulations such that they are flame-resistant and must have a blue safety label attached. With no way of tracing the seller, there is no way of checking whether the mattress is safe, and it has been known for false safety labels to be stitched in to look authentic.”

The law states that door to salespeople must provide customers with written confirmation that they have a 14-day cancellation period in which they are entitled to change their mind about the purchase, and how to obtain a refund. In this case, the trader is not issuing this paperwork.

Derbyshire Trading Standards Service wishes to advise people to be wary of anyone selling goods in this way, as legitimate companies very rarely sell mattresses in this way.


If you have any concerns or information about this matter you can call the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 04 05 06 or Derbyshire Police on 101.”

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