Monday, September 25, 2023

Derbyshire Crime Alert Service Extended

Derbyshire Alert is an alert system which allows members of the public and businesses to register to receive information from the police and the commissioner regarding crime and information relating directly to the area where they live. The alerts are recieved by email, text or phone and include Neighbourhood Watches, Fire Service, Fraud prevention and localised crime information.

Alert is the national messaging system used by Action Fraud and is utilised by the Home Office for national and regional surveys to help educate the public to protect themselves against Cybercrime and fraud. Derbyshire Alert was reintroduced in 2016 by the Police and Crime Commissioner, who honoured his manifesto pledge to reinstate the hugely popular information service following public appeals.  It is now being expanded.

The commissioner Hardyal Dhindsa has been working with the Constabulary to extend the service and has funded this latest development. He said on Thursday: “This latest service is really good news for local residents and businesses. We have worked with the Constabulary to deliver exactly what they have asked for: localised, accurate information about crime and community safety issues delivered in real time by the neighbourhood officers on the street.

“As requested people will receive pertinent information direct to their preferred device which could help to reduce their risk of becoming a victim of crime. The reaction from the Neighbourhood Watches at the meeting tonight was really positive and I know that they will help us encourage more people to sign up to receive alerts about their area.”

Chief Constable Peter Goodman said: “The system is an excellent tool for engaging with the public, gaining their views and opinions and building in procedures and systems to assist with tackling crime.”

“Training is currently being rolled out to officers and when this is complete more than 200 officers will be able to send out messages and sign people up to the system.

“There is (sic) currently approximately 26,000 users signed up to receive messages and we are constantly working to increase this number to allow messages to be sent more widely across the county.”

Residents and local businesses can sign up here, and tailor which kind of alerts they want to recieve.

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