Thursday, December 7, 2023

Steve Ashley – At The Queens Head Pub September 29th

Folk rock legend Steve Ashley returns to Belper on September 29th.

One of the seminal figures of the great folk rock revolution, Steve can justly claim to have been there first.

His first electric band, Ragged Robin prefigured the Albion Band as did his classic first album, Stroll On. Not only does this album feature the great standard ‘Fire and Wine’ but also a version of ‘Lord Bateman’ which was a curtain lifter for the Albions.

As Robin Denselow wrote in The Guardian ‘Ashley may not be prolific but his songs are worth the wait.’ Clear evidence for this is the range of artists queuing up to cover his material from Fairport to Ralph McTell.

One of the finest songwriters in Britain, it is a privilege to welcome him back to The Queens Head.

Tickets can be purchased behind the bar or contact

Tickets are £8/£7

Doors at 8:00 pm


Looking ahead,the new season includes music as diverse as jazz/funk,folk,blues and punk legend Steve Ignorant with Katie Spencer,widely touted as ‘the next big thing’ appearing on September 22nd.

English folk rock legend Steve Ashley returns on September 29th with a stellar cast presenting a celebration of the music of Billie Holiday on October 5th.

Blues fans, look out for Brooks Williams and Sunjay in November while jazz fans are bound to be pleased by Soul Deep and Hitiro.

Forthcoming attractions

  • October 5th. ‘Strange Fruits’. A celebration of the life and music of Billie Holliday. £5
    October 12th. Hitiro.Jazz/rock and world fusion. £7
    October 22nd. Stepling. £7
    November 9th. Brooks Williams. £8
    November 10th. Steve Ignorant’s Slice of LIfe. £10
    November 16th.Sunjay. £8
    November 24th.SoulDeep.£8
    November 30th. Andy White.£8
    December 8th.£8
    December 15th. Sean Taylor.£8.
    February 2nd. Headsticks +support. £8
    March 22nd. Ma Polaine’s Great Decline. £8.

By Mike Jones

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