Monday, September 25, 2023

Storm Ali Fells Huge Tree Near Mill

At around 2pm today Derbyshire County Council recieved a call about a large tree knocked over by the high winds of Storm Ali, blocking Bridge Foot between the Weir Bridge and Belper Lane.

Derbyshire County Council were on it rapidly, and at 3pm the police were called to officially close the road and help the council.

The tree was right on the lower corner of the renovated Beaurepaire Gardens and has damaged the dry stone wall as it came down.  The tree has more than one trunk, and two other trunks are left standing, but examination of where this trunk sheered away from its partners shows rot, which an expert would need to determine if there is a risk of the other trunks coming down.

Wind gusts today are estimated to have reached a high of 46 mph, with average wind speeds being between 30 and 40 mph in this area, before it calmed down in later afternoon.

Derbyshire police stayed to help people crossing the road after it was reopened at 3.25pm.



The council informed us that there are a large number of trees down on roads across the whole county, although they could not give an estimate of numbers.  They have issued a warning on Twitter.

Amber Valley Borough Council issued more detailed advice on their Facebook Page,

“Tree safety

Following a number of fallen tree incidents in the Borough – due to the exceptionally high winds – the Council asks everyone to pay particular attention to potential safety issues.

Please be aware of an increased risk of falling trees and branches and try not to walk close to, park under, or shelter close to trees.

Please call us on 01773 570222 to report fallen trees in public areas or on streets and our team will respond.”

The tree has now been removed and the road is safe.


Clare Washbrook

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