Sunday, September 24, 2023

Nailed Editor-In-Chief Announces Departure

After three years, and having achieved an almost Adrian Farmer level of Belper knowledge, I’m stepping down as the editor-in-chief of Nailed.

At the end of September I’ll be bowing out of being Belper’s best newspaper boss (my words) and you’ll have an all new editor: Clare Washbrook.

Over hundreds of articles I’ve covered protests, planning, peddlers, preachers, panthers, potato heads and everything in between. I can as a result confirm that, despite what people might think, there is more than enough newsworthy things happening in our small town to fill a community newspaper.

When a group of people met at The Lion pub in 2015, with the aim of setting up Nailed, I had no idea I would be picked as the editor let alone what sort of publication it would become. What I did learn (on top of a million other things) is that it takes time to build up a trusting relationship with your readers. We live in a world where trust is in short supply, so it means a great deal to me that the people of Belper found it in their hearts to get behind this little newspaper.

The main reason for leaving is that I am starting a new job and will have less hours to dedicate to the publication. I also love writing and one of the cruel downsides of running a site like Nailed is that you rarely get enough time to do any. Somewhere in between editing press releases, emailing people, altering images, posting on the site and checking social media you end up leaving the fun stuff until last (or just not doing it all).

I want to thank the core team at Nailed; David George, for voting me into the position in the first place; Tony Webster, for assisting with all the complicated regulatory procedure; Emma Clinton, for her dramatic local photography and articles; Chris Copeland, for looking after the finances and Clare Washbrook for being Nailed’s premier journo and stand-in for me when I needed to escape the country. On top of that there is the hundreds of regular contributors that make the site a truly a community newspaper and of course, you the readers.

Speaking of Clare Washbrook, as mentioned she will be taking over from me as the all new and improved editor-in-chief of Nailed. She brings a vast amount of journalistic experience to the role, a deep understanding of the town and most importantly a fresh voice to the publication. I’m excited about the future of Nailed and I know I will be leaving the newspaper in very capable hands.

*Hands over digital keys*

So, that’s it, I think. Fear not though, I’ll still be part of Nailed behind the scenes and – fingers crossed – I should be able to continue to cover the musical scene of Belper and other interesting cultural events that happen nearby.

See you in Fresh Basil for a breakfast (other eateries are available).

Oh and one last thing, we are always looking for new volunteers so if you are interested then please do email us here to enquire. Nailed will also be fundraising at the Transition Belper Cafe at No28 at the end of October, so come down and have a chat with us about what we do.

By Edward Sills

6 thoughts on “Nailed Editor-In-Chief Announces Departure

  • Richard Pinkett

    Thanks for all your hard work Ed. Good luck in your new job.

  • Mike Jones

    Good luck Ed. You’ve done a great job
    Look forward to seeing you around.

  • Joanna Kirk

    Article juggler
    news producer
    music reviewer
    sound connoisseur
    column ratifier
    picture discerner
    meaning eddifier
    politic minder
    events advertizer
    community columnist
    consultation enthusiast
    fact finder
    link maker
    error corrector
    blog master
    kind, wise Ed
    you’ll be missed.

  • Chris B

    Enjoy the new job and we’ll done on all you’ve helped achieve at Nailed.
    It’s our one trusted source now for what’s going on.

  • Emma Clinton

    It’s been great to work with you, Ed – we had no idea of what Nailed would become from our first meeting at The Lion, and that so much friendship and community involvement would develop. You have done a sterling job, sticking at all the boring technical stuff as well as keeping the site interesting, relevant and ultimately indispensable to the Belper community. Congratulations on the new job, and I wish Clare all the best for her editorship.

  • Hugh Pearman

    Nailed is a great community venture and it’s been great to see it develop over the past few years under your direction. Well done to you and Clare and and best of luck in the new job!

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