Saturday, December 2, 2023

Belper Street Angels Wins Council Grant

The Town Council, at its meeting on July 10, granted an application from Belper Street Angels for £350 for 6 months running costs.

Belper Street Angels was launched in June 2012 with the aim of helping to improve the night time culture.  The Street Angels are a team of 18 volunteers. Three of the team walk agreed streets of Belper’s estates in the early evening and the Town Centre in the late evening on a Friday.

The Street angels provide emotional and practical support where it is needed. Often providing water, flip flops and foil sheets. They also clear up glass and administer basic first aid and ensure people get home safely.

Tony Ward, the Street Angels coordinator, said “We’re pleased to be in partnership with Belper Town Council and very grateful for this grant which will enable us to sustain our activities in Belper in the coming months.”

Cllr Tim Sutton, the Town Mayor, commented: “The Council is really pleased to support such a good initiative. The Council welcomes more applications for its Grant Funding.

The Town Council is now also the sole Administer of the Herbert Strutt Charity. The Charity has a small amount of money to distribute each year for the benefit of the inhabitants of Belper and its surrounding Parish.

Applications are invited from individuals and groups that meet the criteria. The criteria and application forms are available on the Council’s website.

At the Herbert Strutt Charity Committee meeting on 26 July 20918, the Committee approved £250 grants for Openwood Gate Pre school to assist with purchasing educational materials and Milford Primary School to put toward its Trim Trail project.

One thought on “Belper Street Angels Wins Council Grant

  • Heather Davidson

    That’s great news,you deserve it for the great work you do,long may it continue.

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