Fleet Arts Invites Artists To Celebrate ‘SEVENTY’ Years Of The NHS

Fleet Arts is working with the University of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust to put together an art exhibition that will celebrate 70 years of the NHS.

The exhibition ‘take over’ by the Fleet Arts will happen throughout the old Derby Royal Infirmary (DRI) Hospital. They are inviting artists to submit works related/in response to the theme of the NHS/being 70 years old this year.

The deadline is the 13th Of July.

SEVENTY is the first of a series of AIR Arts exhibitions taking place over the next two years exploring healthcare, wellbeing and industry.

If you are interested in exhibiting as part of Fleet Arts take-over, please contact Ola Wilson at Fleet Arts/Air for more details.

Submission Details:

They welcome 2D works for this exhibition with no protrusions (as they are displayed on a hospital corridor in a busy hospital) – artworks which are uplifting and appropriate to the hospital environment and audiences i.e. appropriate for all ages and not provocative, religious, or adult themed. The location of where the work is exhibited is at the discretion of the Air Arts curator.

The amount of work to be exhibited will be agreed with the curator. All works need to be no taller than 4 foot, protected behind glass, Perspex, or varnished and arrive ready to be installed with mirror plates, as appropriate. Unprotected works can be submitted but run a risk of damage. Air Arts is unable to insure work, so all work is exhibited at the artists own risk.

Should the artist wish to do so, the work can be made available for sale. All artworks can be offered for sale (optional) over the 6-month duration of SEVENTY. Should the artwork be sold during the exhibition duration, they ask that you replace the work with something similar.

They are no longer asking for a commission on any sales to go towards the Air Arts charity and instead ask you to consider donating a piece of work to become part of our permanent collection. This helps to extend the reach of their welcoming environment. Artworks do not necessarily need to be from the SEVENTY exhibition and donating is not compulsory. 

What to do next:

Have a think about:

  • What you would like to submit, it could be work that already exists or work you are yet to make (or a combination). 
  • How much wall space you think it will require (it is ok to think big in terms of length/width of wall space as long as less than 4 foot tall!). 
  • You may want to consider work for a specific site e.g. tapping into the history of our London Road Community Hospital.

Email by July 13th, 2018:

  • With your thoughts on above/your proposal (along with imagery to give us an idea)
  • If you work is yet to be created, please send images of similar or links to online url’s where we can view your work.
  • Please state the approximate sizes and mediums of each work.

Key Dates:

  • Submissions will be chosen and artists informed by the end of July.
  • Work will need to be delivered to the hospital on an agreed date/time at the end of September 2018. 
  • The exhibition will run from October 2018 to March 2019.
  • A launch event will take place early evening on Wednesday October 17th, 2018 at the Royal Derby Hospital. 
  • Collection of work will be on an agreed date at the end of February/beginning of March 2019.

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