Town Council Install Four New Defibrillators Throughout Belper

Working with the Community Heartbeat Trust (CHT) the Town Council is trying to make a Community Defibrillator available within a 5 minute return drive of every home in the Parish. The CPAD can restart a heart, hopefully keeping a person alive until the arrival of the Emergency Services.

On 28 and 29 March 2018 4 new defibrillators will be installed in the Belper Parish.

The Town Council with funding from National Lottery Awards for All has purchased defibrillators for the following locations

  • Next to the telephone box in front of Milford Rec, A6 Milford
  • Outside the Whitemoor Day Care Centre – main entrance – John O Gaunts way, Belper
  • On the wall next to the Lavender Gray shop, near the Talbot Public House, Bridge Foot, Belper
  • On the changing rooms on the Rec on Parks Estate.

The Town Council’s defibrillators are in addition to the one fitted on the wall outside the Memorial Gardens, King Street. This was purchased by the Rotary Club of Belper and Duffield again with funding from National lottery Awards for All.

In Europe, around 1 in 1,000 of the population suffers a Significant Cardiac Arrest each year, so in the UK there are likely to be approximately 60,000 cases annually. In England, the ambulance service attempt resuscitation in approximately 25,000 cases per annum but at present, only a small proportion survive. (British Heart Foundation)

The major factor limiting the number of people who survive a cardiac arrest is the ability to provide defibrillation within a critical time. Conditions for defibrillation are optimal for only a very few minutes after the arrest, although this period can be extended if a bystander provides effective CPR, particularly chest compressions.

The Town Council together with Community Heartbeat Trust will be running awareness sessions  and Defibrillator training in the next few months. Everyone is welcome. Check for details.

Claire Meese


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