Saturday, December 9, 2023

Clive Wheeler Photogram Exhibition Launch At Saturday’s Farmer’s Market Cafe

Clive Wheeler will be launching his new exhibition of photograms at No 28’s farmers market café next Saturday (February 10). The artist will be there in person to discuss his work ‘The Glass Collection’ and explain the processes he uses.

There will be prints of his work for sale.

The work on show comes from a return to the darkroom after a number of years working with digital imagery. By eliminating the camera from the process the artist produces works that are assembled individually before being recorded through the light traces left on the photosensitive paper.

There are two bodies of work in the space, the earliest is called Like an Atom Cracking and draws an analogy between the way that natural forms are often reflected in the objects that humans make. This connection can be extended from the size of the atom to the size of a planet and still carry some aesthetic resonance that replicates our search for meaning and understanding in the universe.

The second series is a photogram documentation of the collection of coloured glass held by a near neighbour, Diane Moss. Her collection has been acquired from charity shops and second hand shops, with a maximum spend of £5 allowed for any single item. Diane is a local historian and her collection reflects her interest in the local and domestic levels of history that can get overlooked in the broader overviews that history often deals with.

The artist is pursuing the possible continuation of this work through looking at museum collections or other glass and object collections that may have a story to tell through the photogram.

Claire Meese


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