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Stay Safe This Christmas

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service (DFRS) have provided some top tips to ensure that everyone remains safe over the festive season.

Christmas is a magical time of the year, and as families and friends come together to celebrate the festive season, the risk of a 999 emergency can increase.

DFRS would therefore like to ask everyone to take a moment to familiarise themselves with some simple tips to avoid a Christmas disaster.

Tips for staying safe this Christmas:

  • Check your indoor and outdoor Christmas lights conform to British Safety Standards.  Check the battery in your smoke alarms every week. Only working smoke alarms can save lives.  Decorations can burn easily.  Keep them away from heaters and lights.
  • Make sure you, your family and any Christmas visitors know what to do in an emergency and know your escape plan/route.
  • NEVER overload your electrical sockets. 
  • Never leave cooking unattended – Most fires start in the kitchen.  Please take extra care as the risk of accidents in the kitchen is greater after alcohol is consumed.
  • If you have an open fire, use a fire guard and do not store fuel next to the fire.
  • Take the time to check on elderly relatives and neighbours this Christmas. Check their smoke alarms as well as their general health and wellbeing.
  • Make sure cigarettes are completely extinguished before going to bed and never let ashtrays overflow.
  • NEVER place candles near your Christmas tree or furnishings. Battery powered candles are much safer.
  • Always switch Christmas lights off and unplug them before bed.
  • If planning to celebrate with fireworks – always follow the fireworks code.
  • NEVER drink and drive.

Group Manager Steve Ratcliffe said: “Christmas should be a happy and enjoyable time for everyone, but sadly the fun and festivities can sometimes lead to a disaster.

“We want everyone to enjoy the festive season, but we also want them to be safe, so I’d ask people to take a minute to check out our top tips to prevent emergencies from occurring.

“Drivers should be in no doubt that if they get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol this Christmas, not only do they run the risk of losing their driving licence, risk a fine, or even a prison sentence, but they also risk their life and the lives of others too!”

For more information about keeping safe this Christmas, please visit

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