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Gothic Scares Come To Belper With ‘The Ghosts Of Christmas Past’

The inimitable Marty Ross is back on Saturday December 16 (tonight) at No28 with a new festive production.

Marty is the author of a series of plays for BBC Radio 4 and he has written Doctor Who episodes as well as performing his own work as a live theatrical storyteller. His 21st Century Poe, which was previewed in Belper, attracted full houses and glowing reviews at the Edinburgh fringe.

The Ghosts Of Christmas Past pays homage to the grand old Victorian and Edwardian tradition of spooky tales at Christmas, a tradition associated with the likes of Charles Dickens and M.R. James.

Marty Ross said: “this is a story of my own devising, a full length theatrical drama set in Victorian Glasgow (where Scottish Presbyterianism dictated that Christmas wasn’t even a public holiday!), telling the tale of how a Kirk minister offers a young homeless woman shelter a couple of nights before Christmas – seasonal charity in action. But of course, this being a ghost story, there are dark shadows from a previous Christmas lurking among the drifting snowflakes…”

It is dramatic and scary in equal measure and will be the sixth show that Marty has bought to No28.

Not for the faint-hearted and not suitable for small children.

Informal cabaret-style seating makes this a great night out if you are looking for an entertaining but sociable evening with friends in the lead up to Christmas.

The Ghosts Of Christmas Past is on Saturday 16th December at No.28 in the Market Square, Belper, Derbyshire at 7.30pm.

Tickets for this show can be booked in advance on Brown Paper Tickets at

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2 thoughts on “Gothic Scares Come To Belper With ‘The Ghosts Of Christmas Past’

  • Joanna Kirk

    According to the dictionary “Kirk” , with a capital K, informally refers to the Presbyterian Church of Scotland. The generic term “kirk” is a Scottish word meaning “church” and if you look at a map of the British Isles you will see it in lots of places. It is from 12th Century Old Norse kirkja, from Old English cirice (church).
    I assume the play is in the genre of literary fiction and not part of the fake news agenda.

  • Joanna Kirk

    Celt – a member of an Indo-European people who in pre-Roman times inhabited Britain, Gaul, Spain and other parts of Central Europe.

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