Monday, September 25, 2023

Domestic Wood-Burning Stoves And Open Fires

Amber Valley Borough Council has responded to concern over “smoke nuisance” caused by the growing use of wood-burning stoves and open fires.  The following press release outlines the council’s statutory powers and gives guidelines for those wishing to burn fuel more efficiently. In the press release Amber Valley Borough Council states:    

“The use of open fires and wood-burning stoves has risen in popularity over recent years. Domestic wood and coal burning are now the single largest contributors to harmful particulate emissions, comprising almost 40% in 2015.  These tiny particles in smoke can cause a range of health impacts such as breathing problems and exacerbating asthma as well as contributing to other health conditions”.

Amber Valley Borough Council has the power to designate and enforce Smoke Control Areas to help reduce these harmful emissions. Alongside these regulatory powers they can also help consumers to change their behaviour to help protect their own health and that of their neighbours and communities. Their policy is to help householders who choose to burn coal and wood to do so efficiently, and to encourage the use of higher quality fuels (e.g. seasoned logs) which produce fewer emissions.

Further guidance can be found through the following:

The Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs have produced a practical guide: Open Fires and Wood Burning Stoves.

Amber Valley Borough Council’s  Air Pollution pages provide more information about the existing Smoke Control Areas in Amber Valley, as well as how they deal with smoke nuisance outside these areas.


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