Thursday, December 7, 2023

Windmill Gets In Spin With Cobweb

Heage windmill closes for the season this weekend (October 28 – 29) and the team are celebrating the event by spinning a large cobweb. They are asking visitors to come and join in and enjoy the site before it closes for the winter period.

Since the windmill was restored in 2002, the ceremonial practice of putting the building ‘to bed’ has developed into quite an event. A large cobweb is slowly spun on  the apron in front of the mill, its size being determined entirely by the number of people, both grown up and youngsters, who take part in the spinning operation.

Under the guidance and tuition of the ‘head spider’, Lynn Allen, the cobweb, made from stretchy knicker elastic, slowly emerges and then is gently laid close to the mill to ‘put her to sleep’ for the winter.

This year the web will be spun on Sunday October 29th, commencing at 12 noon, and all are invited to come and participate in what is in fact a great communal event, with much enjoyment for all involved.

If you have never made a giant cobweb in front of a 200 year old windmill (or perhaps have a peculiar bucket list) then why not get down and give it a try?

Throughout the winter the mill will be occasionally operational to enable flour to be sold. This will take place on the second Saturday of each month, from 10 am – 1 pm.

The building will also come to life on Sunday December 3rd when Santa will again visit his grotto in the mill and meet his young (and older) admirers – more details on this will be available later.

See web site for more information

Claire Meese


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