Friday, December 8, 2023

THIS MAN: A Modern Oratorio – October 14th

On October 14, at St. Peter’s Church, there will be a performance of THIS MAN: A Modern Oratorio by Anne de Waal.

Prepare to be delighted, overwhelmed, saddened and thrilled by the music and lyrics of the story of Easter, told through music and song.

‘This Man,’ a modern oratorio, was first created for a school in South Africa, where the composer Anne de Waal was employed as a music teacher.

“The oratorio, composed by Anne and directed by Dana was transformative, moving, exciting, reflective, funny – utterly wonderful”

Asked to write something for an Easter celebration assembly for children, the first song, ‘Riding on a Donkey’ was born. Given free reign to write music for the school choir for future performances, the Oratorio began to take shape. When Anne de Waal relocated to the UK, the music was developed further for adult choirs.

Anne de Waal works closely with her husband Dana de Waal.

Doors open at 7:30 PM and you can buy your tickets now for a performance at:

St Peter’s Church Belper

DE56 1FD

Booking Online:


Box Office: 01332 832 537

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