Friday, December 8, 2023

Jenny Cooper: MINE



Today is mine. This time is mine.
The sun that shines on earth and sea
also warms me.
This beckoning path is mine,
whole flower-filled fields,
and just this single celandine;
the arching sky and every cloud that moves;
each blade of grass and piece of grit
beneath my shoes;
this drystone wall which stretches to infinity,
each block so skilfully set;
the stately oak stooping to stroke
the velvet moss on top.

Beyond the wall a calf is mine ,
this tiny calf just born and struggling to stand,
the mother mastering the mammoth task of munching afterbirth.
She stops – to look at me.

A skylark sings for me.
The scent of lilac washes over me.

All this is mine.


Jenny Cooper

May 2016

Claire Meese


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