Free Taxi Service To Help People With Mobility Difficulties Enjoy Belper’s Food Festival

Belper Town Council and Accessible Belper have teamed up to ensure that everyone can enjoy the food festival this year by providing a free taxi service for people with mobility difficulties.

The free taxi service will operate in the Belper area on the day of the Belper Food Festival, Sunday 9th July, for those with mobility difficulties of any kind.  

In addition the Festival will open 30 minutes early at 9.30am for those people who have any type of condition that can make it difficult for them to get around (eg. dementia, disability, autism, parkinsons) and there will be extra stewards on between 9.30 and 10.30 to provide assistance.

The free taxi service will also be available on Sunday 16th July for the Well Dressings in the River Gardens.

To find out more go to

or to book your taxi call PAN Travel on 07519 504969

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