Saturday, December 9, 2023

Pete Castle In Concert: No 28, Market Place Belper. July 1st

At 7.30pm this coming Saturday (1st July) Pete Castle will performing ‘Ancient meets Modern.’


Belper based, internationally known folk singer and storyteller Pete Castle will present a performance of traditional songs and stories in his own inimitable style. It will include what linguists think is the oldest story in the world which goes back 6000 years and, by contrast, will sing two songs he wrote as part of a recent Protest Song Writing Workshop.

In between he’ll present a mixture of songs and stories—longs and short, serious and humorous, happy and sad. There is no need to book or buy a ticket, just turn up.

It’s free, just put a donation in the bucket. There is a lot happening in Belper on Saturday, but you’d be quite welcome to just come for the first or second half so that you can fit something else in as well. CDs and books will be on sale. Bring your own drink or go next door to the Angel micro pub and buy one to bring in.

Enquiries 01773-822829 or .

For background have a look at Pete’s web site here.

His YouTube channel is here:

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