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Fact-finder: Derbyshire County Council Elections – 4 May 2017

Be an informed voter with our handy fact-finder for the Derbyshire County Council Elections on 4th May.

The Derbyshire County Council website is your main source of detailed information about the forthcoming County Council Elections.

Here is a summary of the key facts:

County Council elections are held every four years. At the last Election in May 2013, Labour won 43 out of 64 possible seats. Results of previous elections and by-elections can be found at the following link:

Amber Valley results in 2013:

Amber Valley Electoral Division 2013 County Council Election Results

Some Electoral Divisions, such as ‘Alfreton and Somercotes’ have more than one seat.

County Council Election Divisions for Belper Area

Check your polling card to identify which division you are in and where to vote. Some Belper residents are in the ‘Alport and Derwent’ Electoral Division. The other divisions for Belper are ‘Belper’, and ‘Duffield and Belper South’.

Results in 2013 for these divisions were as follows (exact numbers of votes are on the above link):

Alport and Derwent: Conservative Win

Belper: Labour Win

Duffield and Belper South: Conservative Win




Your vote in this election relates to the following services:

How council tax is spent / health and social care / community matters / local services such as libraries / care of the countryside / protection of rights eg. trading standards / roads, pavements, rights of way / children’s education

The Bigger Picture

Your Derbyshire Members of Parliament, as elected in May 2015, are listed at the following link:

UK MEPs for the East Midlands elected in May 2014 are listed on the following page:

Interactive Electoral Maps can be found at the following page:

Be sure to use your democratic right on 4th May, and have your say!

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