Saturday, December 9, 2023

Review: “Seasons EP” by The Idolins

Following on from their live performances in Belper last year we take a look at the Idolin’s latest EP ‘Seasons’.

The Idolins are a five piece from Nottingham based folk / acoustic pop act featuring Karen Smalley, Nick Scott, Bar Morton, Mark Rice and Tom Dukes on bass guitar who has taken over after the departure of cellist Hannah Barrs.


Their new EP ‘Seasons’ is an ardent statement of their polished modern folk. It’s a slow, but determined track with the momentum behind it delivered by Rice’s drums. Shimmering high hats, rich strings and lightly picked acoustic notes are the bedrock over which Karen Smalley harmonises her languorous lyrics. Like Josienne Clark, the Idolin’s textured sound allows space for Smalley to work her evocative magic as the track moves towards a crescendo of violins. Check it out by clicking the links below and see them live if you get the chance.

Here are the links to iTunes and Spotify

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