Make A Date With Belper

If your love life is more lacklustre than lusty you might not be feeling fabulous about the fourteenth of February.

Traditionally associated with last minute dashes to card shops or grabbing the last bunch of wilted flowers, why not ring the changes this year? Forget about romantic meals and nauseating public displays of affection. Instead, immerse yourself in the love of Belper!

Love isn’t just about fancy gifts given once a year or expensive outings to overrated eateries. Love is an all year round affair within a community. Belper has plenty to offer both loved up and love-lacking residents. Here are some top ways to engage with your local town:

Buy love: Of course money can’t buy you love but it can buy you something to love. With a plethora of quirky shops, you are sure to find something to make you swoon. Strangely, in Belper, lovely shops seem to appear out of nowhere overnight and are blooming with cute, kitsch and creative items to choose from. Remember to keep it local. Gift buying in other towns is definitely considered cheating.

Eat love: What is lovelier than a cup of coffee and cake in a cosy cafe? And we are spoilt for choice in Belper. From family friendly to elegant and extravagant, there is a café out there that is sure to be your perfect partner. I recommend trying them all though. They’ll never know if you don’t tell them, just walk swiftly past your regular. You can’t commit to just one until you’ve sampled other options of course.

Give love: The basic rule of Karma is that what you give, you get in return. So chuck some cash in a charity pot. Politely accept the offer of a questionnaire in the street. Grab yourself a bargain in one of the fabulous charity shops. If you feel like you have even more to give, then what nicer way of getting your love back than volunteering your time or skills for the benefit of a local charitable organisation.

Share love: There are plenty of groups in Belper you can join and share your love with like-minded fellow citizens. If you are feeling energetic, there are fitness classes. If you are feeling creative, there are craft get togethers. If you are feeling expressive, there are singing or musical groups. Love can only grow with sharing. Unless you have a cold. Don’t share that.

Celebrate love: Belper provides plenty of opportunities to celebrate love. Simply attend one of the many music venues and you will be amongst likeminded people. Every year the people of Belper and beyond gather en masse as a congregation to experience Belper goes Green and the Belper Games. Surely proof of how much love exists in Belper!

In conclusion, how can you not experience the love this valentine’s day? Propose a date with beautiful Belper and romance the region and residents.

By Jessica White

Claire Meese


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