Sunday, September 24, 2023

Town Mayor On Way To America

Belper Town Council’s Mayor – Cllr Gary Spendlove – will be in America for business purposes this Spring. He intends to visit Pawtucket, in an official capacity.

Pawtucket is twinned with Belper. The Towns have been twinned since the 11th of June 1994. The twinning recognises the role played in Pawtucket by Samuel Slater. Slater was born in Belper and worked in the local mills, he emigrated to America and is credited as a key player in the American Industrial revolution.

Similar to Belper in many ways, Pawtucket is often described as the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution. Situated on the Blackstone River, the Slater Mill in Pawtucket – like the Strutts Mill – is also an Industrial Revolution museum open to the public.

The mayoral trip, which will be undertaken at the sole personal expense of Cllr Spendlove, will further strengthen ties between the two towns.

Cllr Spendlove said: “In these changing times I feel it is very necessary to forge links with different countries, none more important than the USA.

We have many connections with the USA and by strengthening our connections with Pawtucket I would very much hope to build links for business,  tourism & partnerships for young people.

As a town we are proud to export a variety of products made and distributed from Belper and would welcome a future reciprocal visit from the people and council of our twin town of Pawtucket.”

Claire Meese


One thought on “Town Mayor On Way To America

  • Joanna Kirk

    I was wondering where the name Pawtucket comes from so I looked in Collins English Dictionary. It has tucket: Archaic: a flourish on a trumpet (C16 from Old Northern French toquer, to sound (on a drum)).
    Perhaps it refers to the steam whistles used in factories and trains.

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