Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Beth’s Poetry Trail Receives Town Grant

At the last full Town Council meeting on the 8th of November, the council made a grant of £270 to Beth’s Poetry Trail.

The Trail is named after Beth Fender a local poet who died in 2002. It features 20 installations around Belper. The grant will enable the group to renew the Railway Station Poster and undertake some Trail maintenance.

Beth’s Poetry Trail in Belper was established as a permanent memorial to Beth Fender who founded the town’s two poetry groups.

The Beth Fender Memorial Fund and working group was established to set up the trail in 2003, including members of the poetry groups plus family and local community representation.

A poem – or extract of a poem – is installed at 20 sites around the town. Each poem has been interpreted in a manner appropriate to the poem and the setting, as far as possible.

The Trail is supported by a leaflet – available from Belper Library and the Visitors Centre at North Mill.

More information on the trail can be found here.

Claire Meese


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