Friday, December 8, 2023

Solve the Mystery of the Belper Puzzle Trail for a Chance to Win a Fitbit One

Treasure Map -Explorer

Do you fancy getting outdoors with the family for some fresh air and a bit of fun? If so, you could try something a bit different with the Belper Puzzle Trail – a self-led treasure hunt where you have to solve the mystery of the missing fictitious treasure.

Puzzle trails have been produced for Belper, Heanor, Alfreton and Ripley. They can be collected from all of the Amber Valley Town Centre Offices or in the Belper, Heanor, Alfreton and Ripley libraries. The trails can also be downloaded from the Amber Valley Borough Council website.

Beth Turner, the Community Sports Activator for the Community Sports Trust said: “These trails are a fantastic way to get the whole family exploring the local area together. The trails have really interesting nuggets of information about the market towns of Amber Valley and take you to places which you might not have seen before.”

The directions contained within the Belper Puzzle Trail Guide will lead you from the start to the finish of the trail. You do not require a map, simply follow the directions. The clues use items like monuments, plaques, buildings and signs. The answers to those clues will be place names which can be found on the back cover of the trail guide. As you solve a clue, simply cross off the appropriate place on the map – and move on to the next clue following the directions or instructions given. One place will eventually remain – that is the location of the fictitious treasure.

And, to make it even more fun, when you have solved the mystery you can submit your results into a prize draw to have a chance of winning a Fitbit One fitness tracker.

For more information, get in touch with Beth Turner at Amber Valley Borough Council on 01773 841426 or email:

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