Thursday, September 28, 2023

‘Bloomin’ Marvellous’ Exhibition Kicks Off Discovery Days

Saturday night (October 22nd) was the opening night of the ‘Belper In Bloomers’ exhibition at No28 on the Market Place.

The exhibition uncovers the history of when Belper was the underwear capital of the world. On display are scores of photographs displaying the history of the hosiery industry, artefacts and vintage clothing.

On the night talks were given by Mayor Gary Spendlove, who discussed the role of Brettles and Slenderella in the town, and Adrian Farmer who tied the evening into the wider Discovery Days weekend which is taking place throughout the Derwent Valley.

Gary Spendlove said: “It’s a fantastic thing to bring everything together to celebrate the textile history of the Derwent Valley. It’s very much a living history, the brands and the fabrics are things we still use today.”

Some of those in attendance wore original clothing made in the factories of Belper. Brenda Sanders, pictured, attended the event wearing the same outfit she wore to the Belper Carnival in 1954.

Mary Smedley, highlighting the need to remember the history of the town, said: “It’s always been a really buoyant industry in the town. All of that has gradually drifted away and I think that it is vitally important that we keep the memory of it.”

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