Thursday, December 7, 2023

‘We Shall Overcome’ Say Community Minded Musicians

Belper is hosting two gigs this year as part of over 200 taking place across the UK on October 3-9.

Local musicians have come together to organise live music to give much needed support to Belper’s Food Bank, The Basic Idea.

‘We Shall Overcome’ is a community effort led by musicians and music promoters who want to do something practical to help people in our area who are being hit hard by homelessness and poverty.

Over the week of October 3-9 upwards of 250 gigs will take place across the UK under one unified banner – We Shall Overcome. With more being added all the time, the organisers hope this show of solidarity will also highlight the human cost of the politics of austerity and cuts to public services. Several thousand musicians will perform nationally as audiences are encouraged to bring food for foodbanks or make donations to projects that support people negatively affected by austerity measures.

Sue MacFarlane is the organiser of the gig on Friday, 7th October at Belper Unitarian Chapel, and Chris Butler is organising the gig on the 8th at The Queen’s Head on Chesterfield Road.

Sue said “We Shall Overcome is part of an anti-austerity movement but it is also very much pro-community. We wanted to do our bit here in Belper to show solidarity with others around the country and to be part of something bigger all across the UK.”

Sue will be singing at the gig on Friday, along with local musicians, Annette Oakes, Dave & Chris, and Matt McGuinness.  Audiences are being asked to make a donation to The Basic Idea.

Full UK gig listing and more information at

Photo: Matt McGuiness

Claire Meese


2 thoughts on “‘We Shall Overcome’ Say Community Minded Musicians

  • Joanna Kirk

    What’s the start time for the 2 gigs?

  • Sue MacFarlane

    Hi Joanna, 7.30 for the Friday night one – not sure about SAturday.

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