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Jeremy Corbyn To Visit Derbyshire

On Tuesday 16th August Jeremy Corbyn will be visiting Derbyshire for two rallies to promote his position in the Labour Party leadership election. Having to defend his democratic election, he hopes to rally supporters across the country and tell those who are not decided why they should support him for re-election and what his vision of the Labour Party offers to an electorate blighted by austerity, Brexit and economic failures.

Mr. Corbyn looks set to win this election, both in big media polls (despite inherent bias towards the political leaning of each media outlet) and by returns on Constituency Labour Party votes, which were not banned when Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) banned constituency meetings on the dubious grounds that too many supporters of the coup had received threats (we have confirmed that no threats were recieved by local Labour groups).  Early returns show that Jeremy Corbyn has the support of approximately 80% of the constitencies who have voted so far with strong wins in every constituency.

The shenanigans of the coup plotters, their attempt to control constituencies, the NEC use of new members’ membership fees to exclude new members from voting despite it being a criteria of membership, the demonisation of the left wing with insults such as “Trots” and “Trotskyists” whilst banning members who use the word “Blairite” from the party, the revelations that Owen Smith was a big pharma lobbyist who focused on the dismantling of the NHS and the shambolic performances of Owen Smith and Angela Eagle on the big media stages have all dwindled Owen Smith’s chances of success.  Add to that the recent election of left wing candidates to positions within the NEC and things could look bright for Corbyn and socialism, despite the concerted efforts of the NEC and Coup-Labour to control, dictate and dismember the party.

For those invested in being informed, saving the NHS, free higher education, avoiding war, taxing big business and the rich fairly,  keeping union power, green energy and tackling climate change, anti-austerity and the 10 recent pledges made by Mr. Corbyn it is still important to turn out and show support, to keep the ball rolling towards changing the way government works and shifting the power balance to the people.  The thrust of this campaign is people power and people must turn out to create such power.  Despite the short notice, Derby and Matlock hope to see equally representative numbers turn out for these rallies on Tuesday.

Belper Labour will have a stall at these events and the new Youth division will be present, fundraising for banners to establish themselves in the fight against tuition fees. Members of local Labour party groups and Momentum will be supporting the rallies.

The Derby Rally will be at Cathedral Green, DE1 3AF

12pm to 1pm

The Matlock Rally will be the Bandstand, Hall Leys Park, Causeway Lane, Matlock, DE4 3AR 

2.30pm to 3pm

Corbyn Derby

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