Friday, December 8, 2023

Momentum Event – Saturday

Derbyshire supporters of Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn are stepping up their campaign to re-elect him, following a successful and well-attended rally in the city only a week ago.

Members of the Derbyshire Momentum team who advocate the adoption of Mr Corbyn’s inclusive brand of politics will host a workshop – themed conference at St Peter’s Church in Derby on Saturday 16th July from 10.45 am -1.30pm.

The event will be addressed by Richard Burgon; MP for Leeds East who holds the post of Shadow Justice Minister in Mr Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet and attendance is open to those who book their place by emailing

Keith Venables, a conference organiser said: ‘This meeting is one of a sequence designed to bring the big political issues of the day to local people and follows a very successful event featuring Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell earlier in the year. I expect there to be a strong emphasis on economic and social justice policy and the workshop-style theme will epitomise Mr Corbyn’s style of inclusive, participatory politics that we believe best suits the needs of the nation in these troubled times.’

Helen Clark, a former MP for Peterborough who is now Secretary of the Mid Derbyshire Labour Party welcomed the event and encouraged people to ‘get stuck in and book a place. This event was organised before the ill-advised coup against the democratically elected Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. It now becomes our latest Derbyshire event to promote issues that he stands for; protecting and strengthening our public services, preventing cuts to benefit, building houses and creating a strong economy and above all, combating the dangerous anti-immigrant and ‘little Englander’ sentiments that appear to have been stirred up by the recent Referendum. Richard Burgon is a strong supporter of Jeremy Corbyn and embodies his concept of a new and kinder type of politics that is properly inclusive and works for all communities. I hope that people will take the opportunity to book a place at the conference and engage in shaping the future forthemselves and their families.’
By Momentum Derbyshire

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