Bullsmoor Back on Agenda After Public Suggests Building Sites

As part of preparing the new Local Plan (a legal requirement and a replacement for a failed plan) Amber Valley Borough Council consulted the public about proposals for land to build on.

Before the council election in May, the Conservative Party (which holds majority by a tiny margin) campaigned on a boast that they had removed Bullsmoor from the Local Plan with the line, “‘House building – The proposed development at Bullsmoor has been taken out of the local plan.”(Alan Cox campaign leaflet).  Now it is back under consideration, as is land at Far Laund.

These are proposals from the public and may well be dismissed by the council as unsuitable but for moment we have a Schrödinger’s Cat situation where it isn’t in but it isn’t out either.  This is the full list of proposals to be considered at the next council meeting on the 13th July, the agenda of which can be found on the AVBC website (item 11a)




Site Location
1 Land North Side of Heanor Road, Smalley
2 Milfield, Mill Lane, Belper
3 Hillcrest, Crich, Matlock
4 Sandbed Lane, Bargate, Belper
5 Whitemoor Lane, Belper
6 Denby Common, Denby Village, Derby
7 High Road & Wessington Lane South Wingfield
8 Ash Farm, High Street, Loscoe
9 Land South of Lumb Farm, Derby Road, Marehay
10 Meadow View Tants Meadow, Lower Kilburn, Belper
11 Adshead Ratcliffe Premises, Derby Rd, Belper
12 Land rear of 120 Breach Road, Marlpool, Heanor
13 Monument Lane, Codnor Park, Ironville
14 Land off Derby Rd, Swanwick, Alfreton
15 Chapel Street, Kilburn, Belper
16 Off Church Street, Heage, Ripley
17 Land at Lily Street Farm, Derby Road, Alfreton
18 Land at Far Laund, Chesterfield Road, Belper
19 Land at Bullsmoor, Off Kilbourne Road, Belper
20 Breach Farm, Codnor, Denby Lane, Denby
21 Off Grammar Street, Denby, Ripley
22 Allsops Yard, Heanor Road, Smalley
23 Cromford Road, Crich, Matlock
24 Asher Lane Business Park (South), Ripley
25 Heage Road, Ripley
26 Mount Pleasant, Ripley
27 Standcliffe House Town End, Crich, Matlock
28 Nether Farm, Birchwood Lane, Somercotes
29 Land West of Belper Lane, Mount Pleasant, Belper
30 Land at Woodside Farm, The Common, Crich
31 Thomalla Way Butterley Hill, Ripley
32 Former Laidlaw Premises, Milnhay Road, Langley Mill
33 Ashbourne Road, Markeaton Lane, Mackworth
34 Acresview Close and Laburnum Crescent, Allestree
35 Butterley Hall, Wyatts Way, Ripley
36 Derby Road, Duffield
37 Over Lane, Openwoodgate, Belper
38 Denby Pottery, Derby Road, Denby
39 Land to the North of Bargate Road, Belper
40 Bowbridge Garage, Ashbourne Road, Mackworth
41 Cotes Park, Birchwood Way, Somercotes
42 Land between Golden Valley and Lady Lea Road
43 Land to the north of Derby Road, Denby
44 Land at Amber Valley Rugby Club Lower Somercotes Road
45 Land to the north of 102 Alfreton Road, Codnor
46 Land West of Peatburn Avenue, Heanor Gate, Heanor
47 Former Butterley Engineering Works, Butterley Hill
48 65 Nottingham Rd, Codnor, Ripley
49 Birches Lane, South Wingfield
50 Dimple Lane, Crich, Matlock
51 All Saints Church Hall Site, Moseley Street, Ripley
52 Old Police Station Site, Moseley Street, Ripley
53 Hermitage Farm, Slack Lane, Riddings
54 Roes Lane, Crich
55 Land off Bradshaw Drive, Holbrook
56 Land at Kedleston Rd, Allestree
57 Land South of A608, East of Smalley Village
58 Land North of A38 and South of Wingfield Road
59 Lady Lea Industrial Estate, Horsley Woodhouse
60 Land at Nottingham Road, Ripley
61 Land South of Kirk’s Lane Belper
62 Former Den Private Day Nursery, Somercotes
63 Land to the South of B600 Lower Somercotes
64 Land North of Ashbourne Road, Kirk Langley
65 Land to the rear of 445-469 Somercotes Hill
66 Land at Asher Lane, Business Park, Asher Lane
67 Land at Lockwoods, Ripley Road, Sawmills
68 Land off Street Lane, Ripley
69 Killis Lane Nr Kilburn Belper
70 Ryknield Road, Kilburn, Belper
71 Land North of Denby Village, Denby
72 Land north west of Denby Common, Denby
73 Land at Radbourne Lane, Mackworth
74 West of Horsley Road, Kilburn (SITE 1)
75 West of Horsley Road, Kilburn (SITE 2)
76 West of Horsley Road, Kilburn (SITE 3)
77 West of Horsley Road, Lower Kilburn
78 West of Old Road, Heage
79 Land off Ticknall Lane Denby
80 Leabrooks Club Ltd Greenhill Lane Leabrooks
81 Land off Pottery Lane, Denby
82 Land to the east of Pottery Lane, Denby
83 Former Maystock Building Site, Derwent Street, Belper
84 Ben’s Farm Moorside Lane, Holbrook, Belper
85 Land at Crich Lane, Belper
86 Canlin Castings Eastview Terrace Langley Mill
87 Land north of Denby
88 Land at Nottingham Road A610 Codnor Off Alfreton Road
89 Codnor Gate remaining land, Ripley
90 Children’s Play Area, Church Street, Kilburn
91 Ripley Colliery reclamation Land
92 Fletcher Street to Church Street, Heanor
93 Duffield Depot, Derby Road, Duffield
94 Sanuk 3 Ridgeway On The Hill, Ambergate, Belper
95 Old Vicarage, Mount Pleasant, Ripley
96 Land to the east of Chesterfield Road, Alfreton
97 Denby Common, Denby
98 Nottingham Road, Ripley
99 Whitemoor Lane, Belper
100 Land between 10 & 18 The Crescent, Horsley Woodhouse
101 Land off Spring Road, Riddings
102 Land south of Minster Way/West of Derby Road, Swanwick
103 Land at Hill Top Farm, Mill Lane, Belper
104 Land at Hill Top Farm, Mill Lane, Belper (SITE A)
105 Pottery Farm, Belper
106 Cinderhill, Denby, potential expanded allocation
107 Poyser Lane, Kirk Langley, Ashbourne
108 Cottage Farm, Boothgate, Heage
109 Land off Wessington Lane, South Wingfield”

The inclusion of Bullsmore, Pottery Farm, Far Laund, Crich Lane, Whitemoor Lane, Sandbed Lane, land west of Mount Pleasant, Over Lane, Hill Top Farm, Kirk’s Lane, Bargate and Derwent Street will potentially be of grave concern to Belper Residents.

A Draft Local Plan will be published early next year for public consultation.

Clare Washbrook

Current Editor-in-Chief News and magazine editor since 1995 Post-grads: Literature; Theatre; Journalism, Ethics & Law Community Affiliations: Belper Goes Green, Belper's WW1 Poppies, Amber Valley Solidarity No political party memberships/affiliations.

4 thoughts on “Bullsmoor Back on Agenda After Public Suggests Building Sites

  • 6th July 2016 at 4:41 pm

    Hi, been on Ambervalley website but can’t find the docs you are referring to, can you give me more details please

  • 7th July 2016 at 5:51 am

    Hello Karen,

    The link in the article takes you straight to the Committee Documents page of the website. Every item is numbered and the reference number I included in the article (11a) is what you are looking for. It’s Item 12 in the left hand column.

  • 7th July 2016 at 4:29 pm

    Since the government relaxed planning laws many sites which formally would have been no-go areas for housing because they are in the Green Belt are now at risk of such developments. Farmers can get a much better price for their land if they sell it for housing development rather than as agricultural land.
    With regard to the list of possible sites for development I have asked at Belper Library if they have any planning proposals for new housing developments in Belper for people to look at but they do not have any. Where is the public consultation? Some of the sites listed will be news to many people. It may be early days in the process for some of the sites: how do we know what is being proposed and how do we object?

  • 7th July 2016 at 4:54 pm

    I have just had a quick look at the item advised by Clare which is easy to find if you follow the link.
    Item 12 Amber Valley Local Plan 2016 – Update. Under 6.4 Review of Green Belt boundaries it says that “exceptional circumstances” would be needed to justify altering any Green Belt boundary.
    Thanks for keeping people up to date with news.

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