Protest To Save Babington Hospital

This Friday (10th of June) there will be a Derby-wide discussion on the future of Babington Hospital, which will be followed by a protest.

With the future of Babington Hospital currently uncertain, local group Belper Keep Our NHS Public are asking residents to join them to discuss what is happening to health provision in Derbyshire and to local hospitals like Babington.

Organiser Keith Venables said:

“We need to wake and realise that the way this government is going, there may soon be no NHS”

The busy hospital specialises in many areas, from podiatry to blood tests and has sixteen beds reserved especially for rehabilitation with a dedicated and highly specialised team.

Do big NHS changes really mean big cuts in Derbyshire?

Belper NHSSOS argue that “The brand new Sustainability ad Transformation Plans are likely to cut half a billion pounds of Derbyshire Health budget in the next 4 years. Where will the Axe fall? Jobs? Services? Community Hospitals? More privatisation?”

What are the Sustainability and Transformation Plans?

In December 2015, the NHS came together to publish ‘Delivering the Forward View: NHS Shared Planning Guidance 2016/17 – 2020/21’. It outlined a new, sustainable approach to try to ensure that health and care services were built around the requirements of local populations.

To achieve this, every health and care system in England has had to produce a multi-year Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), showing how local services will change and become sustainable over the next five years – with the aim of delivering what the NHS call a ‘Five Year Forward View vision of better health, better patient care and improved NHS efficiency.’

How can you get involved?

If you are concerned about the future of the hospital you can join NHSSOS for a special meeting to explain this at 3pm and protest outside Babington Community Hospital at 4pm.

Nailed will be at event should you wish to talk to us.


Friday 10th June from 3pm at Belper Strutts Community Centre, Derby Rd., Belper (DE561UU)

Protest 4pm Outside Babington Hospital, A6 (DE56 1UU)


Photo: Emma Clinton

3 thoughts on “Protest To Save Babington Hospital

  • 9th June 2016 at 8:02 am

    We must act collectively now to save the NHS, or we will see a move to a US-style system of private provision and personal insurance – an expensive and wasteful system geared to profit, rather than care.

  • 9th June 2016 at 12:12 pm

    This is not scaremongering. Have you noticed all the adverts popping up everywhere for Private Health Insurance…just in case, protect your family etc etc ? This industry stands to make a fortune and is gearing up to put an American style Insurance based system here in the U.K.

  • 9th June 2016 at 2:18 pm

    Would love to come along to this but sadly am unable. I have family who work in the NHS and I feel that we are at crisis point right now. The doctors, nurses, paramedics, anyone who works for health care are already giving one hundred percent plus and are being asked to give even more. The sad fact that makes this even harder to stomach is that it is a deliberate plan to privatise the NHS ….” Defund – watch it fall apart – wait for the complaints – hand it over to private owners who won’t care about the service as long as the money keeps rolling in.” Who is suffering? At the moment staff are trying their hardest to make sure patients do not suffer, but it has come to the point where tiredness and stress make mistakes easier to happen. If a member of staff makes a mistake through being under so much pressure they are the ones who will take the brunt of all of this. They could lose their jobs and be unable to work in the system ever again. I have read the 2014 assessment of Babington Hospital. It receives a glowing report. The impending closure is as far as I can see all part of the deliberate policy of successive governments to privatise our health care system. They don’t care about the well being of staff, patient safety or anything else other than making a profit. In 2009 the then government enabled health property to be sold off. Before then any NHS property had to remain NHS property even if it had a change of use. Now hospitals like Babington can be sold off to make a profit and what are we being offered in return in Belper? It all seems very vague.

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