Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Interest Growing In Neighbourhood Plan

There was lots of interest in the Neighbourhood Plan from the public attending the very successful “Belper Goes Green” festival this weekend. We had a stall for the two days where members of the steering group chatted to anyone who stopped to look at our publicity and the Town Model on display.

We had questionnaires completed and many views and thoughts gathered. It was good to see so many people so interested in our town and some volunteering to help with the project.

As one person said when signing up to go on the newsletter mailing list “I live here, why wouldn’t I be interested in the neighbourhood plan?”.

We are still in the middle of our second round of public consultations giving feedback on what we have learned so far and getting the information into subject areas that we can use in the final document.

During the rest of June we will be running two workshops:

Wednesday 15th June at 7.30pm at St John’s Chapel , The Butts.  Topic: THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT AND HOUSING

This is a significant area of interest and there is naturally lots of interest in new housing developments proposed in the town and where they might be sited. There is strong feedback that we need more social and affordable housing in the town. We are also getting a lot of feedback about how upset people are about the iconic East Mill becoming a deteriorating and embarrassing eyesore.

Wednesday 29th June at 7.30pm at Strutt’s Community Centre , Derby Road. Topic: CULTURE AND HERITAGE

The feedback we are getting is that local people value what we have of Belper’s unique background and want to ensure that we enhance and use it. We are getting views on how to integrate this more into the town life eg by encouraging more tourist information, and public toilets and of course views on parking sites.

So please come along and help include your views on how our town should be developed and encouraged over the next decades. You can find out more by contacting us on:



Tweet @NP4B

or post to NPLan4B, St John’s Chapel , the Butts, Belper DE56 1HX

By Kathryn Harris 

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