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Call Out For An Arts Project Co-ordinator

Arts Project Co-ordinator – DerwentWISE Landscape Partnership

Participatory Arts Projects:

Anatomy of the Landscape – photography and painting of the landscape Sedimentation – clay modelling linking into rocks and geology of the landscape

The Commission

To manage and co-ordinate two participatory arts based projects that engage communities within the Lower Derwent Valley with their landscape. Upon completion of both projects you will need to organise two exhibitions to ‘unveil’ the pieces of art. In common with the other DerwentWISE arts projects the underlying philosophy is that the arts are used as a tool – for initial interest, engagement and retention – to attract people in different aspects of the overall DerwentWISE scheme.

Anatomy of the Landscape – An exciting community project which will provide an opportunity for an artist to co-ordinate and work on a participatory arts project with community groups and schools. A photography and painting project linked to iconic views within the DerwentWISE area.

Tailored to fit specific target groups and audiences this project will work with a range of ages and backgrounds to inspire people to capture the uniqueness of the Lower Derwent Valley and its rich landscape. Considering the natural environment, wildlife, industrial history and cultural heritage; enabling the Valley to come to life through drawing, paintings and photography.

Participants will increase their understanding of the visual characteristics of the Lower Derwent Valley through an increased understanding of the under-pinning geological structures.

Sedimentation – A participatory arts project linked to a rocks and geology theme which seeks to draw in different age-groups, and promote itself to people with a craft and heritage interest. Using clay as a medium and accessible techniques this will enable the involvement of people with a wide range of abilities to engage.

The project will introduce participants to the importance of the geology of the area. The geological structures, rivers and the water running through them have given rise to the settlement and industrialisation of the DerwentWISE scheme area. The sedimentation project will engage people in this fascinating history through participatory arts.


  • Develop and manage both projects – Anatomy of the Landscape and Sedimentation
  • Recruit, contract and manage the artists to deliver these two projects
  • Recruit participants, marketing for the projects though social media, leaflets and posters
  • Record and evaluate the projects e.g. through film, photograph and diaries/blogs
  • Design and manage the final celebration events and exhibitions for both projects
  • Liaise with participants and partner organisations


The total fee available will be in the region of £9,252 (excluding VAT) including all costs, travel and materials. Participants will be expected to pay a small fee for attendance which is included in this budget but the Arts Project Co-ordinator is expected to administer.

Budget Breakdown:

Anatomy of the Landscape – £3,315 Sedimentation – £5,937


This participatory arts project is part of the DerwentWISE Landscape Partnership and falls under the Community Participation programme. This five year project aims to safeguard and restore the landscape of the Lower Derwent Valley through: restoring, linking and extending habitats; ensuring that the character of the wider landscape is protected; improving access to and better interpretation of heritage sites and features; and promoting public engagement by ensuring that communities feel proud of their landscape. Hosted by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust the partnership is made up of 15 organisations that are aiming to inspire and engage people to care about the Lower Derwent Valley. For more details about DerwentWISE please visit:

Submission Requirements

  • Submissions should be returned to Nadine Stevenson (DerwentWISE Finance and Administration Officer) to the following email address by 4.00 pm on Mon 9th May 2016 and titled ‘Arts Project Co-ordinator – response to call-out’.
  • Interviews will be held Wed 25th May 2016
  • Interviews will take place at Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, Sandy Lane Park, Main Street, Middleton, Derbyshire, DE4 4LR
  • The successful artist will be informed of our decision by 5pm on Fri 27th May 2016

Submissions should include:

  • Three examples of previous work which include experience of working with community groups/schools on a participatory art based projects.
  • Examples must demonstrate knowledge and skills in the project management and co-ordination, exhibition experience and contracting artists.
  • Two references are also required.
  • Costings need to include a breakdown of ‘Day Rates’ and any cost of expenses, materials etc.

The commission fee will be in the region of £9,252 (excluding VAT) including all costs related to the project such as materials, fabrication, installation, expenses and travel. Artists must have Public Liability Insurance at a minimum value of £1M for the period of work outlined above. They will also have an enhanced DBS certificate (CRB) dated within the last two years.

For more information on the project brief, please contact Tania Pells via the above email address or by telephone on 01773 881188 / 07841 343 109.

Closing date is 4pm on Monday 9 Mayderwentw



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