Monday, September 25, 2023


The warmer weather has meant that, like everything else, the bluebells are here early. They are already beginning to flower. Shining Cliff Woods is a good place to see bluebells where, later in the month or early into next, they should present a pool of blue beneath the trees on the woodland floor. There is also the Bluebell Inn at the back of the Chevin, but remember, if you are going there by foot (up the side of the Chevin to Chevin Mount), that the sun sets at about 19.50 at the moment, which will only leave you at best a half hour of dusk to find your way back to civilization before it gets dark.

Of course daylight hours are increasing at this time of year and by the 28th May the sun will be setting at 21.04, thereby allowing more drinking time if you are that way inclined!

May Haiku

The whirl of ferns rise

like seahorses in a green

reedy bluebell sea


By Jo Kirk

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