Thursday, December 7, 2023

Update on Belper Neighbourhood Plan for Belper

Work continues on the Neighbourhood Plan for Belper. The plan aims to give local people a unique opportunity to shape a vision of the future of the town and the wider parish. Public consultations and publicity asking for comments from business, residents and interest groups have been going on throughout the spring. The organisation are pleased to report that more than 100 members of the public have attended the consultations and many comments have been received in writing by the steering group.

A few issues raised from the first “Community and Leisure” meeting were; poor usage of the River Derwent for pleasure; the need for a “community hub” both virtual and practical; overcrowded schools and under provision of Adult and Further Education.

The purpose of the next meetings (dates below) are to feedback the views given so far and further discuss and refine them. Gradually the topics covered will be grouped into policies that future planners have to acknowledge, aspirations; and issues that are outside the remit of a neighbourhood plan but should be recorded as important to residents of Belper.
As the facilitators from the first round of meetings are collecting local opinion they are publishing detailed reports on the planforbelper website.

The April meetings and venues are as follows:

7.30 pm Wed 13th April at Milford Social Club – topic  Community and Leisure.
7.30 pm Wed 20th April at Strutts Community Centre – topic Energy [first meeting].
7. 30 pm Wed 27th April at Alton Manor Community Centre – topic Transport and Infrastucture.

All residents are welcome to come along or send the group comments to continue to help shape the final document.

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