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4G Affecting Freeview?

Sharon, a Nailer’s Way resident, has complained that their Freeview TV reception has been poor and pixelated for the last three weeks. After unplugging and plugging back in and resetting several times they called their TV aerial installers who diagnosed 4G phone signal interference and advised that a filter would be required at a cost of £70. This was because the engineers would need to access the roof to fit the filter next to the aerial.

However, at800 has been set up by the mobile phone industry to specifically resolve any problems caused by 4G rollout. Digital TV and 4G mobile services both use parts of the radio spectrum – that is bands of frequencies – to send signals. The 800 MHz frequencies used by some 4G services are next to frequencies used for Freeview. This may cause disruption to your Freeview service. at800 identify homes at risk of experiencing interference and send a postcard letting them know they can help.

They have not, however, sent postcards to the Nailer’s Way postcode to say it is “unlikely it is being caused by new mobile signals”.  Sharon had already forked out £70 for the filter but phoned at800 anyway (Freephone 0808 13 13 800 between 8.00 and 18.00). The diagnosis confirmed it was caused by 4G interference. As well as offering a Freephone contact number they also give free help, free filter and free fitting if on an outside aerial. In this case they refunded the £70 on being emailed the invoice/receipt.

If you have been experiencing similar interference go to for more information.

By David George

5 thoughts on “4G Affecting Freeview?

  • Janice Critchley

    I live on Yardley Way and I, along with other neighbours have had interference and a pixelated TV screen. This coincided with the mobile phone mast situated at the Whitemoor Centre being increased by 6 ft. I found on the internet who confirmed that I was being affected by 4G. They sent an engineer for free who fitted a filter. The picture is better but is still freezing occasionally. What concerns me is that the engineer told me that many people, especially the elderly, are not aware they can have this done for free and countless people are paying TV Aerial installers when they dont have to – the mobile phone companies have to pay. Not enough has been done to publicise this.

  • S Monkey

    Wait till 5G rolls in later this year.. Then you’ll have something to complain about when you’re getting 1gb per second download speeds. The old network will get decommissioned soon and you won’t have any issues with freeview interference.

  • Hi, Janice – we do our best to communicate with all those that may be affected by 4G related Freeview interference. We mail postcards to households that we consider to be at risk of interference and also notify local Councillors and MPs, Local Authority and social housing providers and charities that support elderly people and others who may need a bit of extra help. We also send press releases to local media in areas where new 4G services are due to activate. If there is anyone locally that you think needs our support please can you ask them to call us on 0808 13 13 800?

  • Janice Critchley

    Hello at800 – if you have publicised this to the extent you say you have, why are so many people paying to have the problem rectified? I live close to the mast and have not received any communication. Perhaps you can tell me what to do now as i have had the filter put on but the screen is still freezing. An advert or article in the local paper would have been effective. I have referred this to a local MP who is following this up.

  • Hi Janice,
    Please get in touch with us on 0808 13 13 800 if you continue to experience TV interference so that we can look into this for you. The calls to this number are completely free from UK landlines and mobiles.

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