Friday, December 8, 2023

Local Artist Chosen for 2017 Diary Cover

Earth Pathways have selected ‘Painting the Blossom’ by Belper Artist Ruth Gray to grace the cover of their 2017 diary and calendar.

Earth Pathways are a  small co-operative of committed friends who produce an annual diary and calendar to “celebrate our great Love for the Earth, and our desire to live our lives filled with appreciation and responsibility for this beautiful planet “. The diary is a reflection of the growing body of people who choose to live their lives guided by generosity, active positivity and a fierce desire to enhance and reflect this vision.

Although the members of the co-operative are spread across the country several leading contributors hail from Derbyshire including Glennie Kindred, Sue Sturt-Bolshaw and Marion McCartney.

To read more about Earth Pathways and early bird offers for next year’s diary and calendar visit the Earth Pathways web site at:

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