Wetherspoons Saga Drags On

The determination of the Wetherspoons Planning Application for 8 Strutt Street has been put back to April 22nd. Consideration of the application now includes a Noise Management Plan prepared by Dragonfly Consulting.

The plan looks at opening hours until 00.30 from Sunday to Wednesday and an extra hour until 01.30 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Other provisions include:

Noise Level Requirements

• No music in any form should be played on the site, either within the building or on the terrace.

• Noise from the use of the site by patrons should not be “dominant” at any residential premises on

‘Cheapside’ or ‘Brookside’.

Noise Control Measures

• A direct telephone number and details of the responsible Noise Mangers should be made available to those local residents on ‘Cheapside’ and ‘Brookside’. The direct telephone number should be answered at all times and all staff that may answer the phone should be made aware of the steps to take in the event of a noise complaint.

• Bins and bottle bins are not emptied after 2100h at night or before 0800h in the morning.

• The external area is to be controlled at all times to stop excessive noise, shouting or excessive noise by staff, management and door supervisors.

• The outdoor area is to close for general use at 2200h. After this time the outdoor area may be used by those wishing to smoke ONLY. Numbers using the outdoor area should be monitored by staff and signage should be posted to highlight that drinks and food should not be taken outside after 2200h. During busy periods the use of the outdoor area should be controlled by door supervisors.

• Shouting, or loud voices, are likely to be especially noticeable at night when noise levels in the external environment are lower. In most circumstances people arriving at and leaving the premises will not cause any disturbance, but it can happen and must be acknowledged. After 2200h all entry and exit from the building should be via the ‘Strutt Street’ entrance ONLY. During busy periods staff or door supervisors should supervise customers entering and exiting the building.

• If possible, steps should be taken to ensure that patrons leave in small groups and not as large groups. A staged closure of the premises, closing down areas of the floor over the last 30 minutes of trading, can assist in this.

• Food and drink deliveries should not occur before 0800h.

As previously reported by Nailed there have been mixed reactions by residents regarding the opening of the new pub. Concerns have been raised over noise levels, competition and location whilst others have welcomed the possible invigoration it might give to Belper’s night life.

By David George

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