New Exhibition To Open At The North Mill

This Easter Strutt’s North Mill have a new Spring/Summer exhibition starting that will celebrate “The Strutt Workers’ Community”. It opens on Good Friday (March 25th) and continues throughout the summer (Wednesdays-Sundays 11:00-16:00).

The exhibition will highlight the unique historical importance of Belper North Mill and the major contribution made by the Strutt family to the Industrial Revolution. In addition, view what their Research Team, in partnership with local independent researchers and genealogists, have uncovered about:

  • 19th century Mill workers who lived in the Strutt community housing development of Long Row, The Short Rows and The Clusters
  • The lives of children in the Strutt community
  • Interesting stories and fascinating characters who made the news in days gone by!
  • The history of Berkins Court – a community within a community
  • The impact of wars on the community and town
  • The Stephenson railway and its influence on Belper
  • And explore 19th century census databases and see whether you find a relative!

The exhibition and guided tour are included in the museum entrance fee. Adult tickets are £4 – accompanied children under 16 are free. For more information see their flyer Strutt-Workers or visit the website at

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