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NPlan4B: Culture and Heritage


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Culture and Heritage

The Neighbourhood Plan for Belper is under way.  Topic facilitators are making contacts, building networks and gathering information with a wide variety of interest groups and members of the community.  As a part of this process an initial series of consultations with the public are taking place.  These are a chance to better understand the Plan for Belper, ask questions and let them know what you think is important to the future of Belper parish.  The next “Plan for Belper” evening will be at 7.30pm at No.28, Market Place, Belper, on Wednesday 16th March, when the topic will be Culture and Heritage.
Plan for Belper gives us, as local residents, the opportunity to say what we think about a range of topics relating to life in and around Belper, contributing to the development of a new planning document, which, although fitting in with the Borough Council’s overarching plans, reflects a real sense of local ownership.
Belper, and its many surrounding communities, is a place of incredible culture and heritage, sitting in the middle of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site.  It is a place steeped in history from the nail-making industry started in medieval times through to its industrial transformation into the world’s first cotton mill town. Yet, it is not only an area full of unique and significant historical buildings, but today has a vibrant culture, including an array of arts, entertainment and faith-based groups and activities.

Indeed, culture and heritage is so important, that it runs across all Plan for Belper topics, especially since this Neighbourhood Plan will be the first to be developed for a town within a world heritage site. With all this in mind, they need to know from local residents, what you think about Belper’s culture and heritage, and its future.

The kind of questions they can consider include:

Culture: How can we maintain and improve our provision of arts, entertainment and faith-based activities, and better support the wide range of interest groups that add to our vibrant local culture?  What are the gaps in our cultural provision?

Heritage: What do you want to see happen with Belper’s mill complex and other important historical buildings and sites?  How can we improve the ways in which we celebrate and tell the story of our heritage?

If you can’t make the Culture and Heritage evening, but would still like to let Nplan4B know your thoughts then please do get in contact.  They are keen to hear the views of individuals and interest groups that are relevant to the topic, and also for more people to get involved with the overall Plan for Belper.
Post: NP4B, St. John’s Chapel, The Butts, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 1HX.
For more information go to the website directly or via the blog and click on Neighbourhood Plan for Belper.  The Facebook page is “Plan for Belper”.

The facilitator for the Culture and Heritage topic is Tom Wyke.

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