Thursday, September 28, 2023

Flower Making Brain Storming Eve – Belper Rugby Club – March 9th

This year’s big project for Belper Goes Green that aims to involve the whole town is the flower making from scrap project – we hope to have a sea of riotous colour from the town’s collective creative outpourings.

To that end there will be an initial workshop for creative types on Wednesday 9th March at 7.45 at the Rugby Club. An informal get together to explore the possibilities and produce examples that can be placed in shop windows to advertise the project and help to inspire.

Join us for a creative get together. We will be experimenting and playing with recycled, reclaimed and sustainable materials, to come up with flower samples. These will be used to show the public a range of different examples of what can be achieved and provide a variety of ideas for others to be inspired by.

The workshop is being led by Emma Carr and Nansy Ferrett and they are looking to people to save plastic containers, toiletry tubes,  crisp packets ( clean ones)+multi pack ones, cellophane bags from greetings cards, really any flexible colourful packaging, plastic mail bags, bread bags, carrier bags, wool, ribbon, string etc. – anything that won’t disintegrate if left out in the open.

In the mean time there’s nothing to stop you from making your own flower(s) but please put them in flower pots to bring to the festival. You can get pots from the Town Council lockup on Farmer’s Market days. More information is available at their Facebook page.


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    Hi there. Date is wrong here on headline.

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