Neighbourhood Plan For Belper Moves Forward

Chairman of the Neighbourhood plan Steering Group, Roger Shelley reports “We’re now entering on an exciting period of activity for Belper’s first Neighbourhood Plan – which will ultimately give us all the strong planning document reflecting local flavour that the town and its outlying settlements have long needed. “

Since the initial public meeting in July 2015 the Steering Group for the Plan has been busy, but perhaps not yet very visible. Katie Harris, for the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, said:

“Behind the scenes we have been applying for funds; collating existing information and past surveys/consultations; agreeing on and setting up the consultation sub groups and nominating their facilitators.”

The main areas for consultation will be grouped under six headings. The planning group noted that there may be some overlap with these groups.

The groups are as follows:

  1. Community and leisure
  2. Built environment and housing
  3. Local economy and employment
  4. Culture and heritage
  5. Parks and Green open spaces
  6. Infrastructure and transport

Currently they are making contact with any interested local groups and have given a presentation to the Town Council. They are trying to find any community groups who would like to know more about the plan and offer their views. Kate said: “let us know who they are and who to contact and we would be pleased to come and talk to them. Even better if they might be able to help facilitate some of the wider consultation process.”

Now that the New Year has arrived they plan to begin the first of a series of public consultation meetings around the town in different venues. The first meetings are outlined below – they will all start at 7.30pm.

  • 27th January at No 28 Market Place –  topic Community and Leisure
  • 10th February at Milford Social Club – topic Transport and infrastructure
  • 24th February at No 28 Market Place – topic Parks and Green open spaces
  • 2nd March at Far Laund Scouts Centre – topic Built environment and housing
  • 16th March No 28,Market Place – topic Culture and heritage
  • 30th March No 28 Local economy and employment

They are looking for anyone who might be interested about these meetings because it is their aim to maximise public involvement in the development of the whole plan. They are also seeking volunteers to join the groups to enable them to get the message out to as many people in the area as possible.

Any further enquiries to

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