Friday, September 29, 2023

January is Local History Month

Nailed magazine to hold local history month throughout January.

The aim of the month is to increase awareness of local history, promote Belper as a World Heritage Site and to encourage our readers to share stories about the local area.

Belper, as a part of the Derwent Valley World Heritage site, is rich with history. Many residents know about the mills and their significant contribution towards the industrial revolution, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Do you know something about the Strutt family that we don’t? Did you work at Dalton & Co. or Thorntons? Is your house tied to the history of the town?

We want to hear your memories of the town, your fascinating stories that have never been heard before and your places of interest. Whether you are holding events, creating art, telling stories or a local historian with inside knowledge of the town, let us help you celebrate our rich local history.

If you want to take part we can also publicise your events on our Calendar and What’s On section.

For further details contact:

Edward Sills – General, Music, Twitter:

Clare Washbrook – General, Theatre/Arts/Lit, Facebook:

Emma Clinton – General, Artists, Classical/Lit:

David George: General, CAMRA, Eco/Green

Keep an eye out as the month progresses and remember to add Nailed to your favorites or like us at:



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