Annual Existential Angst

It’s coming to that time of year when many people start to get unusually philosophical about their lives and the year ahead. This may be caused by some residual pickling of parts of the cerebral cortex left over from the festive season or simply that it’s nearly the 1st January once again and our thoughts turn to all that’s new and improved. Of course for the pagans amongst you the new year started on 22nd of December and since then we’ve had a full moon to gaze at and a Christmas fiesta to groove through so many of you may already have broken any vows of poverty, chastity, abstinence and the like which you made in haste at the Winter Solstice.

So for those of you who have yet to make a list of things you wish you could do in 2016, here are a few half cooked chestnuts of ideas to get you going:

I resolve to

  1. be more sociable and go to the pub more often
  2. become vegetarian (I have been for 37 years so this one’s a doddle for me)
  3. cycle wherever there are suitable roads and once my bicycle is in good working order
  4. be kind to my friends (that one should be quite easy and will help give you a sense of achievement)
  5. improve my lot and working conditions (that one may be more difficult)
  6. try to make the world a better place (this one is ambitious, but you could start small and work your way up)

These are just a few suggestions. Your first resolution should be to make a list. As I’ve just discovered it takes some thinking about and each person will have their own agenda. It should make for some very interesting meetings in 2016.

Happy New Year to you all,

Jo Kirk

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