Thursday, September 28, 2023

Rope and Ball Sculpture for Belper Park?

A rope and ball knitted sculpture similar to this could be coming to a Belper park next year. The knitted nylon rope uses the same principles as French Knitting to produce a giant tube. The tube is then filled with inflatable balls that can be sat or bounced on. When anchored to the ground it could make a permanent addition to the Crich Lane Festival Garden where local artist, Richard Bett, is working topiary magic to transform bushes into recognisable animals.

Transition Belper are organising the creation of the sculpture as part of the 2016 Belper Goes Green Festival and will be seeking permission from Amber Valley Borough Council to anchor it permanently at the Crich Lane site. It is hoped it will attract more people out to enjoy one of Belper’s lesser known green spaces. At Belper Goes Green the project will be led by Christine Gray – the artist who put the Station Mosaic project together – and hundreds of festival goers will be invited to help make the sculpture.

Belper Goes Green will be held at the Rugby Club, Derby Road on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June 2016. There will also be a CAMRA beer Festival and live entertainment starting on Friday 3rd June. For more information see

By David George


Image and video by Superblue Dan Preston (Sculpture) and Holly Packer (Jewelery Designer)

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