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Several months ago a group of local volunteers met with the intension of starting a community magazine. We wanted a publication that better represented the residents of Belper and what was going on in DE56. From that discussion ‘Nailed’ was born and today it goes live for the first time.

What is Nailed?

‘Nailed’ is an alternative community news site for the people of Belper. It aims to provide news, entertainment, thought-provoking discussion and information for residents of Belper and surrounding areas.

Community news sites like Nailed are starting up all over the UK, as local people fill the void left by cutbacks and downsizing in the traditional media. Communities need vibrant, healthy debate and people who care about their town in order to thrive. Belper has this is abundance, but the group felt like the local news wasn’t representing it adequately. It aims to be a showcase for the creative people in this town, a place that respects and promotes the hard work groups do in the community and a hub for forthcoming events.

There will be a lot of learning along the way. We’re not perfect. We will probably make a few mistakes. Add us on social media and watch us grow as we strive to produce a lasting publication that serves the community with quality content.

We hope you enjoy Nailed and find it useful, but in the end a site like this can only work with your input. Nailed wants to hear from you if you have a story, would like to showcase your work or are eager to let people know about an upcoming event. As Editor, I look forward to hearing from you and you are more than welcome to email me with general submissions/queries: esills@nailed.community


Many Thanks

Edward Sills


Twitter:     @BelperNailed

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NailedAltNews

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