Monday, September 25, 2023

Steve Ignorant’s Slice Of Life, Andy T, Chris Butler


The Queen’s Head welcomes Steve Ignorant’s Slice Of Life, Andy T and Chris Butler again for what has become one of the highlights of the venue’s musical year… Slice Of Life made their world debut to a sell out crowd in the Derbyshire town in 2013 and this, their 3rd visit will again prove popular with advance tickets advised to ensure entry.

SLICE OF LIFE Steve Ignorant – Vocals, Carol Hodge – Piano & Vocals, Pete Wilson – Guitar & Vocals, Pete Rawlinson – Bass.

On the way home from the Australian and New Zealand part of The Last Supper tour (when the anarcho punk band Crass front man Steve worked his way across the globe playing Crass songs in the band’s style for the last time), Carol, Pete W and Steve found themselves stranded due to the Chile ash cloud. During a long night of a few beers and the bright lights of Sydney, Slice Of Life was born. This new acoustic project took shape in 2013 and indeed had it’s worldwide premier with a low key concert at The Queen’s Head, Belper before moving on to a Manchester date the following night and soon afterwards a much celebrated and eagerly awaited performance at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. A far cry from the aggression of Crass maybe with the songs in an acoustic setting of piano, acoustic guitar and bass backing but nonetheless compelling as Steve opens both heart and soul when reflecting on his life, lets down his guard to share some personal stories and then reminds us just why we should never give up on this world or on each other with his poems and songs that make us think about the world around us and reminds us just why we should still care.

ANDY T Those that remember Crass will remember Andy T. Andy was not just a tour support and label mate of the band but typifies the whole era and genre of what was later called Anarcho-Punk. Diverse, political, challenging and without rules, Andy is a performance poet who tells it like it is. Anyone who has seen Andy in recent years will know how good an act he is live. His poetry and performances have had something of a resurgence in recent years and all credit to Andy T in this new found respect and love of his work. With a musical accompaniment that ranges from acoustic to dance rhythms, the arrangements on his more recent work has both complemented his poetry and opened up a whole new audience.

CHRIS BUTLER Having taken up the rallying cry from the punk movement to pick up a guitar and make a noise – Chris did just that. He ran with the idea and hasn’t stopped running since. Where he’s going is anyone’s guess for this singer songwriter. Chris’s latest CD called If Not Now, When? Was released in 2014 on Feline Classics Records.

TICKET INFORMATION: Tickets can be purchased via the post at £10 each plus 70p with each order to cover postage from: Belper Music & Arts, 167 Far Laund, Belper, Derbyshire, DE56 1FP Cheques payable to M. Jones Or via PayPal (

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